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San Juan and Summer Solstice


Okay, so the Festival of San Juan is in celebration of the Summer Solstice and something about Saint Juan...not to sure what because I don´t understand Spainsh that well:) Anyways, our Satuday began with an excursion just like every other Saturday. Our first stop was a town called Santillana del Mar. There was a Midevial festival going on there and we visited the Museum of Torture. The town was so cute and the outdoor market was amazing. Summer_Solstice_062.jpg After that town we went to Comillias where Gaudi has a summer house and a palace that he designed. He also did the Cathdral in Barcelona. Next we visited Llanes where we had a picnic on the beach and walked around the city. Summer_Solstice_112.jpg It was a very long day and it was only about to get longer. A large group of us took the bus to Gijon where there was a huge bonfire and about a million people. Summer_Solstice_157.jpgFire works went off as they lit the bonfire and everyone had small fires going all around the beach. We wrote three wishes and one sin on a piece of paper and threw it in our fire. According to the tradition one of the three wishes will come true and the sin will be forgiven. We hung out on the beach all night with all the people and met some really interesting people. Summer_Solstice_174.jpg Overall it was a very long and very wonderful day. My finals are this week so I will let you know how those turn out. Love you and miss you all!!!

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twoo weeks at once


Oh my, I have gotten so behind at this lately! Well I guess I should start with last saturday and the excursion that we went on! We took a very long bus ride to Covadonga where the Virgin Mary helped the Spanish to conquer the Moors. There is a chapel that is built in the mountain above a waterfall and it is so beautiful. Covadonga__13_.jpg There is a cathedral there also and the seven springs fountain. Legend has it that if you drink from all seven fountains you will be married within the year. So we drank from them all to prove it wrong:) HAHA all the mormon girls were serious and we thought it was funny. Lets hope that doesn´t jinx me right... Anyways we left there and went to where we began our kyaking adventure. The river was so beautiful and peaceful. It was amazing to be traveling down a river in Spain. It was warm, until the end, and we had a nice 4 hour journey. We got caught in yet another rain storm at the end of the river but we made it home okay.
Classes have been going really well but having a day break to go on a weekend vacation was wonderful. This weekend we went to San Sebastián to lay on the beach and visit Olivia. It was so great to be able to see her! San_Sebasti_n__37_.jpg The people she is there with seem really fun too. I am so jealous that she has a beach for the whole time though, that is were I would be right now if I was living there. Our hostel was so cute. It was a little bed and breakfast on the top floor of an apartment building. We had a balcony and we were in the perfect location. San_Sebasti_n__12_.jpgWe ate some tapas and explored the city on bikes one day. the bus ride was a long one but it was worth it and we got to see a lot of the country side and the coast...they call it the green coast for a reason.
Well I will try to get better at this I promise. There is a huge festival this weekend so I will for sure let you know everything about that! Love you all and write to me when you get the chance!
xoxoxo Julia

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La Espicha

The traditional feast of the region of Asturias!


Well, here is another entry for you all!!! Julia_138.jpg Saturday is the day to be telling you about! First off, I was so late to the bus and everyone had to wait for me becuase my phone had turned off the night before and the time was set wrong. But I made it and we went to go see a 1200 year old monestary in the country:) It was adorable. Julia_144.jpgThen we went to the beach after that and oh my can I even begin to describe how beautiful it was. And I realized that I had never been to the Atlantic before:) It was kind of cold but we still managed to get a little sun. Later that night we all met again and took a bus to a resturant a little ways from the city. At this "espicha" we started with some cider (they drink this everywhere) and then they brought out a lot of different appitizer-like items that were so delicious. We had a really great time there listening to Asturias music (bagpipes....ummm) and eating the food. We walked around the town for the rest of the night and met a lot of local people.
Yesterday was the beginning of classes for the second week and we will see how that goes! We are going on a river trip this weekend so I will keep you posted. Threre are some more pictures in my photo gallery!!! Love you all!

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The beginning...and then some

overcast 18 °C

Julia_108.jpgOh my goodness family! I haven´t been writing on here and I am so sorry! I have just been so busy and overwhelmed to really even think about this. But I guess I had better start form the beginnig...
Day number one: The trip was SO LONG! But we finally made it to Paris and jumped right into the scene. We figured out the transportation system and finally found our hotel after a very long time:) It was not as pretty as the pictures on the internet but not the worst thing ever...although it was the worst i have ever stayed at! We went straight to the Eiffel tower from our hotel and it was amazing! However, it was the worst weather and we got caught in the biggest rainstorm I have ever seen and had to hide under a bridge for about an hour before we could make a run for it to the bus stop...even then we were soaked by the time we made it. Day two: We woke of so late even though we went to bed by 9pm. We made our way to the Louvre which was so amazing! My camera died so all of those pitcures are on the other girls cameras. I will try and get those from them to put up for you to see. Then we tried the Eiffel tower again because I really wanted to go to the top. It was still bad weather but it held off from raining so we made it to the top! You couldn´t see very far because it was so cloudy but it was still pretty amazing. We almost missed the last train home that night which was scary but we ended up back in our hotel room and it was fine. Day three: Somehow we managed to totally figure out the French transportation system and get on our flight from Paris to Oviedo. We had the most amazing dinner on the flight and it was only an hour and a half long. We made it to Oviedo and met our families. It was really scary but they are so nice and very helpful. I really like living with them. Classes started officially today because yesterday was a Holiday in Oviedo. It is called Manchar de Campos and it is kinda like Labor day. No one works and they eat this bread called Bollo de Chorizo. It is very good. And in Oviedo they drink cider. People pour it from high above their heads into a glass and then you drink it and pour out a little at the end. It is very weird but really fun. Well...I will try and keep up with this so it is not so long next time and goes into a little more detail! Love you all!!!

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Leaving soon!!!

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Hi family!!! I found this site where you can follow my trip. I will write entries and upload pictures for you to see. I will of course also write emails but this way I can tell all of you important and fun stuff all at once. I am so excited...I arrive in Paris is 2 weeks from today!!!! I LOVE YOU!

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